fresh face for spring

It's finally starting to feel like Spring in Chicago. I don't know about you, but the minute the weather starts to warm up I exfoliate to get rid of all the winter blues and embrace a dewy spring look. 

Thanks to a few products, I've perfected the "spring glow". If you're a fan of this look, these are the products that I swear by. 

The perfect sheer foundation, Skin Illusion by Clarins. This product sets the stage for this look by giving light coverage while adding a touch of sheer. This product deserves it's own blog post, which will be coming your way soon, it's that good. Next is the Hourglass Ambient palette, which is perfect for highlighting down your nose and your cheek bones. It's been refereed to as "an instagram filter for your face" which I can totally support. The perfect shade of pink on your cheeks is critical to this look. I've been reaching for my new favorite drug store find, the Loreal Visible lift blur blush in soft pink, which rivals all of it's high end counterparts in my book. Finally, two of my holy grail products top off the look - Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz and my Dior Addict Lip Glow.  


How do you change up your beauty routine for spring? 

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are you ready for yoga sculpt?

Guys.. I finally tried Corepower's Yoga Sculpt class. I've been gearing up to take this class every since signing up for class pass and viewing the Corewpower class offerings. If you're a Corepower fan, you know that they definitely caution you before taking this class. The website strongly suggests that you take 1 or 2 CP1 or 2 classes before venturing into sculpt territory. Of course, the over achiever in me decided that one Hot Power Fusion, one CP1, and two CP2s would prepare me for "weights added to the CorePower Yoga 2 (C2) sequence, creating resistance and intensifying each pose" in 95 degree heat. 

I took the 5:30PM class at the West Loop studio on Wednesday of last week. The studio was my favorite CP studio so far, I believe it's the newest and it even offers parking. After settling into class, I knew I was in for it after the instructor apologized for how humid the studio was going to be because of the weather.

We started out in the normal CP2 flow. If you're new to CP this is basically a vinyasa flow. Then we picked up our weights. You're encouraged to pick up a set of light and heavier-ish weights before class, I grabbed 3lb and 5lb weights. We started using the weights as an overhead press to accompany our crescent lunge pose, moved into tricep kickbacks, curls and a serious squat series. There was a cardio circuit in the middle which got really interesting. Imagine 50 very sweaty people doing jumping jacks, someone is bound to slip. Despite an almost wipe out - I survived and we moved into the ab series. At the end I was begging for my mom, and child's pose, but it was definitely an amazing workout. 

Recommended fitness level: Intermediate - not for folks who are just getting back into working out
Similar to: Bootcamp 
Soreness Level: 4 (scale of 1-5) disclaimer - i took a barre class 12 hours afterwards which may have added to the serious thigh pain 
Would I go back? Absolutely 

Have any of you tried Corepower's yoga sculpt class? What did you think!?

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recent reads

recent reads

I've read some pretty good books lately and as you know, I love sharing about my current reads with you! 

Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty

Liane Moriarty was my favorite new (to me) author of 2014. I loved The Husband's Secret and What Alice Forgot so I decided to download "Three Wishes" on my trip to Vegas in January. While I wasn't as obsessed with this book as the others, it was still a very quick read. I found myself smiling and laughing out loud at times. If you have sisters, or a large family, this is a great read. (My review of the Husband's Secret and What Alice Forgot)

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

If you like to read, I'm sure you've heard of The Girl on the Train as it's one of the "hottest" books out right now. I'm a huge fan of the thriller/mystery genre, so I picked this up as soon as I read the synopsis online. I felt that this book was very well-written in comparison to a lot of the books out there that have been compared to Gone Girl. Yet, it wasn't as predictable as Sharp Objects or the Silent Wife, both of which have been compared to gone girl, which I appreciated. I definitely recommend this book if you're looking for a can't-put-it-down quick read. (My review of Sharp Objects and Silent Wife)

In the Woods by Tana French

Again, I have a thing for mysteries/thrillers and after Jackie recommended this series I immediately bought the first book. Admittedly, I forgot about it for awhile but. There is something about buying an e-book versus a physical book that makes me less likely to dive in right away. Anyways, I could not put this book down! I kept thinking of True Detective as I was reading it and jumped from theory to theory. Up until the very end I still had no idea "who did it" and was up way past my bedtime raicng to the end of the book. Thankfully, this is only the first book in the Dublin Murder Squad series and The Likeness is next. 

Have you read any good books lately? Feel free to comment or email me about your favorite recent reads!


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fitness files v5

As you may have heard, I started a new job last week. While I had a great first week, I’m still figuring out my new routine and wasn’t able to go to as many workout classes as I have in weeks past. But, I still had an amazing experience at two studios which I’ve been dying to share with you.

Sunday: After my last Corepower Yoga class, I decided to go back to the basics and try a beginner level class. I could not have made a better choice. While I knew all of the poses that the instructor called out, I was able to focus more on my technique rather than keeping up with the pace of the class. I learned so much in the short 60 minute class while still getting a good workout. Making simple adjustments to my poses made a huge difference and I was definitely feeling the benefits sore the next day.

Monday: I took my second Flybarre class on Monday at the Old Town studio. While I loved my experience the first time around, I’ve been saving my Classpass credits for Flywheel. Guys, this class was AMAZING. While we focussed a lot on ab and arm work, the seat and thigh sections were challenging and effective. Another fun aspect was the fact that we had a man in our class who appeared to be a regular. He looked like a former athlete and it was awesome seeing him struggle just as much as I was with the 3lb weight arm section. While I was definitely making some interesting faces during class and thought my butt might actually fall off at one point...the moment I got home I signed up for another class with the same instructor.

I also took another “Burn” class at the Barre Code and started my Saturday bright and early with an 8:30AM Flywheel class. With just a little over 6 months to go until the big day, I’m hoping to increase my workout routine to five classes a week. I’m also debating buying a bride-to-be package at a studio to keep myself motivated. I’d love to know your thoughts on these packages if you have any experience! Or, if you’re local let’s take a class together!

Hope you all have an amazing week!

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