battle of the bb creams

BB cream

I’m sure you’ve noticed the rise of BB, or beauty balm, cream in the beauty market as both drugstore and higher end brands tend to have this product and they are heavily advertised.

BB cream is wonderful because of it’s “five-in-one” formula designed to treat your skin, moisturize, prime, and color correct. Basically its eliminating multiple steps in my morning routine. Perfect!

I purchased my first BB cream this fall while browsing the Sephora counter. I bought Smashbox’s BB Cream because I wanted to use it more as a foundation and less of a moisturizer. While I enjoyed how it moisturized my skin the color seemed too intense for me and I wasn’t raving about the product like I thought I would be. I found myself using less and less of it.

Thankfully, my love for BB cream was reintroduced last month when I received a sample of Dr. Jart’s BB cream in my February Birchbox. I was skeptical of its “universal shade” but they proved me wrong! This BB cream serves as a much deeper moisturizer and the color truly blends in with my skin tone. Although I still feel as if I need more coverage during these dreadful winter months, this is definitely going to be my one-stop-shop product come Summer.

The verdict is in…Dr. Jart it is!

Do you use BB Cream? Which brand is your favorite?