chic organization

If your like me, you need all the help you can get around organization. I often find that at the end of the week my desk is cluttered as well as my nightstand. Lately I’ve found that the more helpful yet cute accessories that I’m excited to use the more likely I’ll stay organized. Since I travel quite often I have three key pouches that keep on-the-go lifestyle in order. These being: My dopp kit with all of my shower/hair essentials. My beauty pouch that is in my purse at all times and holds all of on the go needs such as mascara, lip-gloss, and perfume. And lastly my cosmetic bag that is big enough to hold all of my makeup yet doesn’t crowd my weekend bag. Here are my picks for chic organization a the moment.

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 9.23.32 AMKate Spade Cosmetic Case  // Tory Burch Pouch // J.Crew Dopp Kit

I haven’t quite found a way to transition this organization to my desk but I’m hopeful that total organization is just a few accessories away.

Although, I once heard that those who take initiative will never have a clean desk. So, until further notice, I’m going with that.