dry shampoo trials

I received my March Birchbox yesterday and was pleasantly surprised with the products I was sent this month. Along with an adorable Madewell nail file, my favorite product was Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Shampoo.  I am a BIG fan of dry shampoo. There are a couple of reasons for this: one being, I have color treated, long and very thick hair which can be a huge pain to dry and style every day. Secondly, any product that can save me valuable time in the morning or refresh my bedhead on the weekends is something that is not only conducive to my lifestyle, but a necessity.

dry shampoo trials

Serge Normant // TRESeme

Now onto the products, I’ve used both TRESeme and now Sege Normant dry shampoo and I think they both offer different benefits. Treseme’s price point is extremely friendly and it smells great. After using, my hair feels refreshed without the chalky weighted down feeling that you can get with other dry shampoos. Where it’s lacking however is in the volume department.

Serge on the other hand creates volume in a way that I’ve never seen from a dry shampoo or any other styling product. Again, I have very thick hair so this may just be because of the type of hair I have. Regardless, I loved how full my hair looked without my usual volume ritual of  pumping style products into my hair before blowing it out, which takes far too long for an everyday ritual. I wasn’t crazy about the smell however, perfume belongs on your neck/wrist and not in your hair. It also left my hair feeling a little oily. Regardless, I’m going to continue to use the product whenever I’m looking to achieve that blown-out glamorous look.

Now remember, dry shampoo is not an alternative to showering so please do shower. However, washing your hair every day, especially if you have color treated hair, isn’t always the best option to preserve your salon inspired look.

 Have you tried dry shampoo? I’m curious to know what your favorite brand is?