skin care routine

skin care routine

Fresh Cleanser // Fresh Lip-Balm // Sephora Moisturizer

I’ve recently changed up my skin care routine and I have to say, it’s been life changing. Ok – maybe not life altering but has truly made the experience of getting ready for bed much more enjoyable.

I found my skin feeling much more dry than usual. The harsh winter weather had apparently taken a toll on not only my mind and soul but also my face. When I told a Sephora consultant my problem she assured me that my foundation was not the cause, but that my skin care products were clogging up my pores and preventing moisture.

I immediately switched my products to Fresh soy based cleanser, Sephora moisturizer, and Fresh lip balm. I cannot say enough about this cleanser. Not only does it remove all makeup but it has a wonderful light scent and truly leaves your face feeling clean as can be. The moisturizer is also something I can say has made a huge difference. Sephora’s instant moisturizer goes a long way, by only using a little bit of the cream (again great light scent) my face feels completely hydrated and refreshed.

The change in my skin care routine has made me embrace the natural look more often as I have fallen back in love with my skin. What skin products do you swear by?