coffee break craving

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Marc Jacobs sweater // Markus Lupfer jumper // Diane Von Furstsenberg sweater

Monday mornings are often hectic for me as I begin each work week with an all staff meeting and often end up tripling my to-do list in the span of a half hour.

In order to make Mondays more bearable my routine often exists of sipping my go-to coffee drink, white chocolate mocha, while browsing my favorite sites in order to unwind before the week starts. Sounds a bit counter productive, as I just mentioned my to-do list growing by the second, however it really helps me to distress and embrace the week with an open mind.

As I was clicking through my daily reads I stumbled upon a plethora of sequin sweaters/sweatshirts and couldn't help daydream about owning this gem. Something tells me that a comfortably yet flashy sweatshirt is just the perfect pick me up to an otherwise dreary Monday.