trend to try - nude lips

nude lips day night Inspired by both the runway and beauty bombshells such as Mila Kunis and Scarlet Johansson, less is truly more when it comes to lip styles lately. Nude lips help achieve that natural glow and can highlight other parts of your face without being completely overlooked.

The nude lip is as universally flattering as it is versatile. For a minimal day look it can be paired with peach blush and a strong brow to achieve that fresh and flawless look. For night, a dark and full lash paired with a smoky eye takes the nude lip to dramatic glamour in an instant.

My pick for the nude lips is Buxom’s full bodied lipstick in nudist. It’s ultra-hydrating power and satin finish paired with a light gloss really makes my lips pop.

Have you tried the nude lips look yet? How have you been wearing it?