bright eyes

As a 20-something working girl its been harder to jump out of bed, throw a little makeup on and head out the door without feeling like my eyes are sucked in the back of my head. Yes, a little dramatic but stress and odd sleep patterns are starting to show up on my face. Along with being committed to getting more sleep, I’ve invested in a couple of products that keep my eyes looking bright and eager even if the only thing keeping me from crashing is the triple venti coffee drink in my hand. My saviors include, Bobbi Brown hydrating cream, MAC select cover up (concealer), MAC prep and prime eye base, and Laura Mercier secret brightening powder.

bright eyes secrets

Bobbi Brown Eye Cream // MAC select cover up MAC prep + prime // Laura Mercier secret brightening powder

My routine consists of first applying the hydrating cream, as it sets the stage and melts into the skin seamlessly giving my concealer ability to glide on evenly. Next I apply the eye base. This product is perfect for hiding those veins that seem to pop out on your eyelids and if your not a fan of foundation, this product does wonders and enhances your natural look. Lastly, I apply secret brightening powder. This product is just that, it’s amazing how well it works by just applying a tiny bit of the white/translucent powder to the corners and underneath your eyes in order to set the concealer or foundation and boost the brightness of your eyes.

How do you keep the dark circles away?