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boston marathon

(Original Image cred: AP Photo/The Boston Globe, David L Ryan)

When thinking about what to post today...everything seemed so trivial while my heart is breaking for the people involved in the Boston Marathon tragedy. Growing up, my mom was a marathon runner and I specifically remember cheering her on as she crossed the finish line around the 4 hour mark. Similarly, I've ran the relay in a local marathon and the spirit of that day will stay with me for the rest of my life. Running a marathon is so much more than a race. It's a lifetime goal, a city event, and a test of both a person's mental and physical strength. The fact that such an iconic event has been forever tainted is so upsetting.

I keep asking myself, what is wrong with people? However, today I woke up and a line from Anne Frank's diary kept replaying in my head. I can't believe that I remember this quote since it's been about 10 years since I've read her book. But nonetheless, this line "In spite of everything, I believe that people really are good at heart" has stuck with me.

In these moments of confusion and anger, it's the everyday hero that I've been trying to think about, the runner that is at the point of physical exhaustion and is lifting their neighbor off the ground to safety. The innocent bystander who is applying whatever First-Aid knowledge he/she hasΒ to whoever needs it. I truly believe that the majority of people are very good and I hope that the spirt of Boston is lifted by the true Patriots who were heroes on that day.

I hope this quote has inspired you as well. Boston, you are in my thoughts and prayers.