the long bob plunge

long bob

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The long bob is the go-to hair trend lately. I think the upcoming movie the Great Gatsby has something to do with it. However, most women aren't willing to brave the chin-length bob and opt for the long bob instead.

As someone who's chopped 10-12 inches off my hair three times in my life I started to miss my short hair more and more. The chic long bobs that I've been seeing lately gave me the final push to go back to my short ways. I am thrilled! The weight of my long hair has literally been lifted off my shoulders. The time it took to dry was a major cramp in my morning routine and the new do has been much more manageable. One of my favorite bloggers, Molly from A Piece of Toast, has recently made the change as well. I love it!

Big thanks to my friend, and stylist Carly Gilbert Β at Salon Beck for making it happen!

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