comfortably chic at home

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chair // wall-art // bar cart // throw pillow

Happy Friday! I'm moving into a new apartment on Sunday and I am SO excited!

While I've been out of college three years I've realized that pretty much everything I own has been bought at different times, for a different place, and doesn't really go together or even feel like me. While the process of starting from scratch is going to be expensive, I'm anxious to have a place that finally feels like home. Apartment Therapy has been my go-to for inspiration and I'm thinking about embracing the comfortably chic theme in my home decor as well. 

About the pieces: I'm dying for a large comfortable chair that I can easily curl up and read in. The goldfish picture looks like something that would be unexpected but really cute on a bathroom wall. Throw pillows are a perfect way to keep updating your room to either fit a season or a mood your going for, I'm loving the beige, black/white combo. Finally, a bar cart has been on my wish list for some time and I'm thinking of finally purchasing one! 

Have a good weekend everyone!