wedding season: engagement party attire

It's wedding season! The first wave of my friends are getting married this summer and I seem to be surrounded by engagement parties, bridal showers, and the big day itself. I'm incredibly excited to see some of my very best friends get married this summer/fall and have decided to write a series on what to wear to these events. My first event of the season is my best friend's engagement party. Attire for engagement parties can range depending on how formal the event is. Here are my picks for both the bride and a guest at a summer engagement party.

engagement party attire

anthropologie dress // dolce vita dress splendid dress // madewell dress

For the bride, white is the one color that is truly yours during this time in your life. It's the one color you can almost guarantee no one else will be wearing. In that case I say own it! Whether is an all white frock like the dolce vita dress or a "pop of white" I think a bride should fully embrace the color, especially in the summer.

For the guest, stay away from anything white or close to white. Even a light beige or pink is out of the question in my mind. These two colors look great with a tan and can both be dressed up or down for the occasion. Remember, you can still look great without outshining the bride.

Do you have a lot of weddings to go to this summer? What rules do you try and live by when dressing for these events?