beauty crush: fresh

fresh lip balm // face cleanser // lip exfoliate

When it comes to my favorite beauty products, I typically merge the best of the best from different brands to complete my top beauty essentials. There are very few brands that I have multiple beauty products from, one of these being Fresh. My love for Fresh started when I bought their infamous Soy Face Cleanser as a way to restore moisture back to my face after drying it out over the winter months. I loved it so much I started looking into other products and bought multiple Sugar Lip treatments which is another one of their top selling products and now I can't live without.

While browsing the Sephora counter the other day I picked up their Sugar Lip Polish since I had been looking for a lip exfoliator to prep my lips for my favorite summer lip shades. I must say this last product has made me an life-long supporter. The gentle sugar polish does the trick by buffing my lips while still being gentle. The result? Super smooth and conditioned lips - it smells great too!

Have you tried any Fresh products? If your looking for a way in I'd be happy to recommend certain products based on what your looking for!