road trip essentials

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It seems like I've been living on the road lately. Wedding season is in full swing and along with my usual hour and half weekend commute to Louisville, Chicago, Cleveland and Michigan are three weekend trips that are coming up within the next month. I've gathered a list of essentials that make these long drives more bearable and keep me looking fresh when I arrive.

road tripI've been thinking of buying polarized sunglasses because of these long drives - they really make a difference on your eyes! As tempting as it is to grab a soda from the gas station - stick to water to keep you hydrated and your face clear. For hair ties I'm a fan of these - they're cute and in my opinion they don't cause a huge crease in your hair.  Ashely from Turquoise and Teale recommends this face mask - based on it's reviews and description I'm rushing out to the nearest Sephora to pick this up before hitting the road. Finally - dry shampoo to freshen up and put some volume back into your hair.

My one savior has been an app that a friend from work recommended, it's called Songza and it has curated playlists depending on your mood/genre of music/and activity. My favorite playlist for the road is their "pacific coast highway" playlist. The O.C soundtrack anyone?

Are you taking any road trips this summer? What item do you make sure to not leave home without?