royal baby fever

royal baby


Much like the rest of the world...I have come down with a bad case of royal baby fever. My obsession with the royal family goes back to when I was 7 years. I dressed up like Princess Diana every chance I got - not just on Halloween. Even though I was only 10 years old when she died I was devastated. I soon grew to love Prince William much like other teenage girls but lost interest when his hairline started to recede, poor guy.

My obsession picked up again with the Royal Wedding and moved from Prince William to Kate Middleton. Not only is she a style icon for the ages, she perfectly captures the class and demeanor of a modern day princess. What I love most about Kate is that she mixes in very affordable pieces into her everyday wardrobe and I'm sure she will do the same with her son.

I've listed a couple diaper bags that I believe are fitted to suite the Duchess' impeccable style yet not outrageously expensive - notice I said outrageous :). Enjoy!

diaper bags

burberry  // marc by marc jacobs // tory burch