comfortably chic

CC1sweater // necklace // pants // pumps // lipstick

I'm going to be starting a comfortably chic outfit reoccurring series - I hope you all like it!

This weeks post  is inspired by the transition between summer and fall, although it's currently 90+ degrees right now, I'm hoping it cools off soon. Fall is by far my favorite season, not too cold where you need a bulky jacket, just a light sweater will do. I recently picked up this boyfriend sweater from J.Crew and if you buy one sweater this season - this one is it. It is so unbelievably comfortable and flattering. Although, the neckline is begging for a fun necklace and I'm thinking that this one is perfect, and on sale!

Track pants are trending this season and after much debate I'm thinking I'm going to pick up a pair to try them out. While the Robert Rodriquez pair super cute, I'm opting for a less expensive version since this is more of a trendy item. Continuing my love for C.Wonder - these pumps are to die for. The contrast between the girly necklace and these pumps transitions an extremely comfortable outfit that would rival your PJs, to one that's stylish enough to wear anywhere from work to drinks with friends. Finally, these NARS lip shades are perfect for fall. The colors are begging for a leaf filled background.

Hope you enjoyed this series! Happy end of August!