drug store favorites

As an avid beauty product connoisseur I recognize that it's not economically sound to visit the department stores / beauty specialty outlets for every product. When browsing the Target aisles I've been known to throw an extra product - or five - in my cart to try out. These three have stood out among the crowd as my favorites. And honesty, I prefer these products below compared to others I've tried at higher price points.

drug store beauty Yes makeup remover wipes // covergirl clump cluster  // sexy hair leave in conditioner

I cannot say enough good things about these makeup remover wipes. I've used others in the past and they either make my face feel greasy or super dry. These do neither - they perfectly remove my makeup, moisturize, and they smell awesome! I recently discovered this mascara and I love it! It's called the "clump crusher" for a reason! It's also incredibly long lasting and adds great length. This is my favorite leave in conditioner. It's light, smells awesome, and prevents static which I'm unfortunately prone too.

What drug store products do you swear by?