moving south

louisville skyline

Although I've only been blogging for about 9 months now, I'm sure you all have picked up on me splitting my time between living in Cincinnati and visiting Louisville. Well, I can now announce that I will be moving to Louisville in just a couple short weeks. Cincinnati has been a great place to live but I overwhelmed with excitement for this next chapter. Don't you worry though - I will be continuing to blog and will document the transition! In the meantime, I've listed my Cincinnati bucket list below - feel free to add! Just a warning - a lot of these are food related :)

  1. Take as many classes as possible from Pure Barre Cincinnati
  2. Try Sotto - new Italian restaurant that popped up downtown
  3. Play jenga at Neons
  4. Late night sushi at Dancing Wassabi
  5. Pizza at A Tavola in OTR
  6. Brunch at Taste of Belgium
  7. Book the Pedal Wagon
  8. Lunch with old coworkers at Fusian
  9. Jog to Hyde Park square
  10. Dinner overlooking the city