fall wedding attire

  Fall has arrived. With the arrival of my favorite season comes another round of weekends spent celebrating my friends getting married. If your a mid twenty-something I'm sure your experiencing the same. We had about a two week break around the end of August where there is typically an unbearable heat wave and now that things have cooled off a bit, the weddings are back on. While I personally am a huge fan of fall weddings, they can be some of the hardest to plan for as far as attire. Just last weekend I had to make an unfortunate last minute dress change, because of a perfume incident, and was left starring at a sea of pastel dresses thinking - ok which one of these is the least summer like? I hope these three picks will help to inspire your fall wedding guest pallet. I'm loving the gem tones and prints for this season.

fall wedding picks alice + olivia // kate spade saturday // DVF