christmas traditions

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I have always loved this time of year, not because of the gift giving or even that my birthday is just a short five days after Christmas but because of the general mood that is in the air. Part of what makes this time so special is traditions. Whether I was living at home, away at college, or now in a new city I've kept up with a few simple traditions that make this time of year special. A lot of these stemmed from growing up and spending Christmas day with my immediate family - we've always stayed home on Christmas and spent the day together, no running around from house to house or even getting out of our pajamas.

christmas traditions to keephot chocolate and hot cinnamon rolls on christmas morning lounging around in festive pajamas and warm trouser socks christmas music is my absolute favorite - The O.C ChrismukkahΒ album is one of my favorites I love the classic Christmas movies but the modern day movies like Love Actually and The Grinch are my favorites

Do you have any Christmas traditions? I'd love to know!