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crave or save: dolce vita vs rag & bone

Rag & Bone // Dolce Vita

A recent purchase had me debating these two boots and I thought I'd let you all weigh in! Rag & Bone is known for two things, their jeans and their booties. I am a huge fan of of their jeans and owning a pair of their booties has been a recent dream of mine, but I couldn't justify spending nearly $500 on them. So, I started searching for similar styles and came across this pair by Dolce Vita. I've heard good things about Dolce Vita booties and they are at a much more affordable price point, especially with the current markdown from Nordstrom. So, I decided that owning a pair of Rag & Bone booties would continue to live in my dreams and I went for the Dolce Vita pair.

My thoughts on the Dolce Vita Pair....While it is a nice boot, my only two complaints are the shape of the tow (I prefer the Rag & Bone style) and the sole is a bit thin. They are pretty comfortable right now, but I wonder how long they will stay comfortable when I began to wear them more often and the common wear and tear begins to set in.

Do you own any Rag & Bone or Dolce Vita booties? I'd love to hear your thoughts!