marc jacobs beauty review

If you remember back from my Christmas gift set post, I couldn't pass up the Marc Jacobs showstopper set from Sephora. I'm a huge Marc Jacobs fan. I always look forward to his show during fashion week, you never know what to expect, so like his clothing line, I knew I would love it. I was not disappointed. From the packaging to the individual products this beauty set is a hit. Unfortunately, the set has sold out (it was a great buy at $99), but the products are for individual sale and I highly recommend trying one. Now onto the set...



DSC_0009 2

About the products... Precision Pen: This liquid eyeliner is one of my favorites from the set. I've never been a huge liquid eyeliner wearer until trying out this product. It is very easy to apply and lasts forever...seriously, I accidentally fell asleep with it on and it was still there the next morning.

Style Eye-Con: If there is one word I would use to describe the eyeshadow palette it's pigmented. I was pleasantly surprised with how bold the colors were, I assumed they would be very sheer and leave little color but I was wrong. The white is particularly great to use as a highlighter. Unfortunately, this particular set has sold out but I'm loving this one.

Lash Lifter: This was the one product that I was a little bit disappointed with. When I think of Marc Jacobs, I think drama and excitement. Unfortunately, despite the bold packaging, this mascara is nothing special. It's ok for an every-day use, or if you already have long lashes and don't like the volume effect, but not great.

Lip Vinyl: This was my second favorite product from the set. Just like the eyeshadow this lipgloss is also very pigmented which I like in a lipgloss. The red color is beautiful for this time of year. I'm currently lusting after this shade as well.

Honey mini-rollerball (larger version): Marc Jacobs perfumes are also one of my favorites, can you see a pattern forming here? Daisy is a staple of mine but I love the honey scent as well, this mini rollerball fits perfectly in my laptop bag and I use it to freshen up at work.

Have you tried any of Marc Jacob's beauty products yet? I'd love to know!