trend to try: bold brows

bold brows - cara delevingne image via

The bold-brows trend can be traced back to designers, runways, makeup artists, and beyond...but no one rocks the bold brow quite like model Cara Delevingne. As one of the top models of our generation, it's safe to say that she's had an influence on bringing the bold brow trend to the masses. I've personally never been a fan of the barely-there super thin brow, so I've been shaping and filling in my brows for years. My go-to products were always my angled brush and different eye-shadows that seemed to match my hair color. Experimenting with the angled brush and eyeshadow didn't always go well...

Thankfully, recently I've found a couple of products that are much more reliable and natural looking. If you're looking to create the bold brow here's how I recommend doing it.

bold brow steps

1) You want to fill in any holes and shape the eyes first. This Dior pencil is the best product I've found for doing this. The universal shade is flattering on pretty much all hair colors and if you use too much, the shaping brush will blend everything in nicely for you.

2) Tweeze the little stragglers that are on the outside of the brow shape. Do this sparingly! In order to have bold brows you need to grow out your brows so use these guys should only be used on the tiny hairs that seem to pop up near your eyelid.

3) Highlight. This is the most important step to make your brows pop. You want to use a highlighter (or bright eyeshadow if you don't have one) on your brow bone right under your arch. This will help bring out the boldness of your brow and really open up your eye area.

Good luck! Have you embraced the bold brow yet? What are your favorite products for creating the look?