coffee break craving

Is it just me or does everyone dread getting their actual day started on Monday mornings? On Mondays I like to get into the office a little bit earlier than everyone else so I can de-stress from the weekend and browse my go-to sites before the chaos begins. In order to distract myself from last night's poor "performance" by the Broncos I've been enjoying a vanilla latte while browsing the Sephora website to see if anything grabs my attention. In the past I was never into beauty sets, but ever since scoring an amazing deal on the Marc Jacobs set I've been checking to see if another pops up that is of the same high caliber.

Looks like there are a few that are splurge worthy...

sephora beauty sets josie maran // laura mercier // nars

I've been dying to try the Josie Maran face oil and this set not only has that product but a cheek stain, and a really cool foundation concept that supposedly matches your natural color. Laura Mercier has been my go-to foundation gal for years. This palette has me thinking that I should dabble into her other products. NARS has to be my favorite beauty brand and I love their eye-shadows among many other products. I love how these shades all look like something I would use and aren't too out there. These are all around the same price, $68 - $80 and are valued at $126 - $163. Well worth the splurge in my opinion!

Have you splurged on any beauty sets lately? It's hard not to when you see the great value!