treat yourself

Don't get me wrong, I love Valentine's Day. After three years of a long-distance relationship I couldn't be more excited about spending the day together this year. However, oddly enough when I think about Valentines day some of my favorite memories are the ones that I spent with my single friends in college. Of course we used to call this day "single awareness day" and would ban our friends who were in relationships from participating (sorry guys). Regardless, a healthy dose of self and friendship love was a perfect way to celebrate the holiday. At the time we may have been a bit dramatic about "not having anyone" to spend the day with, when in fact having each other was reason enough to celebrate.

So, if you are in a relationship or single this week I hope you decide to treat yourself and celebrate by adding yourself to the list of people that you love. Here are a few ideas for "treating yourself" this week...

treat yourself valentines day

loafers // necklace (on major sale) bubble bath // candle (scent sounds amazing) essie // nars // butter london wine crate // movie

How are you spending Valentine's Day this year?