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Woah, it's the middle of February already! How's everyone's new year's resolutions coming along? Much like the rest of America, I decided enough was enough and it was time to get back into my fitness routine. A little history here, I tend to get obsessed with certain workouts and will do them religiously until I stop feeling challenged or I get too comfortable. My obsessions have ranged everywhere from bootcamp, to spinning, and pure barre. Pure barre will always be my favorite but since the studio is pretty far from my apartment, I've been hitting the good old fashioned gym as my go-to workout. There are a couple of tricks that have kept me motivated this past month...

1) Joining MyFitnessPal - great app to track your progress and helps you make better decisions when it comes to nutrition. It's even better when you have friends that use it too. When you see a friend has completed a spinning class before 10AM on a really makes you think twice about that egg McMuffin. 2) Heading to the gym straight from work. If I stop at home there is a good chance that I'm not going out again, especially with the cold weather. Thankfully my trusted gym bag makes this easy for me. 3) Finally, rewarding myself. I've been consistently working out for a month now. It's time to reward myself with some new gear.

These pieces are currently on my radar...

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 9.37.03 AM

tights // top // capris // long-sleeve // sneakers

Notice, there is no Lululemon apparel in that set. I'm trying to diversify and explore some other brands. I'd love to hear your favorite workout gear brands! Also, what keeps you motivated?