sunday skin routine

sunday skin routine

As I get older, skincare has become more and more important to me. A Sunday skin routine is somewhat new to me, but has easily become something I look forward to on Sunday night. I began this regimen after I had picked up a couple of products that took more time and dedication than my daily skin routine.

I always start with a mask. I have two masks that I rotate, which one I use depends on how my week went. If my face is particularly dry, I reach for the hydrating mask which was a savior during winter. If my face needs a serious detox, the clarifying mask.

Next, I'll use my daily face and eye cream. Lastly, I use a lip scrub and finish with coating my lips with my favorite lip balm before hitting the pillow. 

Not only do these products make my skin feel amazing but also makes me feel incredibly relaxed and ready to take on the week ahead.

Do you have a Sunday skin routine? Which products are your must-haves?