style evolution

style_evolutionLately I've been starring at my closet more and more thinking, I only wear about 10% of this stuff. Everything from the fit of the clothes to the colors in my current closet doesn't fit my personality or style anymore. Trends have come and gone but the remnants remain. Just as trends have evolved, so have I. I'm no longer the person I was at 22 and my personality and style have began to reflect that.

At 22 I was desperately trying to hold on to my college memories while doing my best to fit in to this thing they call "the real world". Thankfully my chosen career path doesn't require a business professional wardrobe. However what I wore in college and what I wear to work is drastically different, as it should be. At 22 I  was struggling to "make it" in the field I so desperately wanted to be a part of and the state of the economy left me wondering...what the hell am I doing. My wardrobe reflected that attitude. I bought clothes that were too big, kept up on "going out clothes", and instead of investing on staple pieces, I went shopping for occasions in mind, not life.

So, I'm glad to say at 26 I'm ready to purge my closet and stop holding onto 22 me. I'm thankful for my college memories, but I am happy being 26. I no longer feel guilty about staying in on the weekends, waking up before 7AM is easy and I truly look forward to the years ahead. I'm healthy and happy and ready to take on the next stage of my life.

I'll be using the above mood board to inspire my style evolution. I'm going to invest in staple pieces that I hope will stay with me throughout my late twenties. I'm dressing for me. Trends come and go but style is eternal.

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