friday favorites

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Happy Friday friends! This week seemed incredibly long. The daily workouts mixed with not enough sleep has taken its toll on me. It doesn't look like I'll be resting anytime soon! This city is going to be insane tonight no matter the outcome of the Louisville vs. Kentucky game. I've decided to embrace the local team and will be cheering for Louisville! When in Rome right?

This week's favorites were hard to choose!

Julia's tips for growing your instagram account were so helpful. Definitely a must read! Loved Lily's first Nars Matte Multiple first impression video. I admit, before I watched this I was clueless about how to apply this product. How amazing do these buttermilk cinnamon puffs sound? As a huge Office fan, a good amount of time was spent (procrastinating) viewing The Office time machine. See Jane is one of my favorite blogs. Not only does Anna have amazing style, we share our love for bulldogs and our collage alma mater. It's been amazing to follow her journey to motherhood. She looks so gorgeous and happy at 9 months.

Do you have any fun weekend plans?