weekend roundup: vegas

vg1.jpg vg2.jpgLast Thursday I headed to Vegas to celebrate my best friend's bachelorette party. I had every intention of posting this roundup yesterday...but man that time change can get to you! To say we had a great time is an understatement. It's going to be one of those weekends that we will always remember!

I had only been to Vegas one other time before so I did a lot of research before deciding on dinner plans and which club's we'd like to go to. Naturally plans change as soon as promoters approach you with better options, but it's always good to have back ups just in case!

My favorites are listed below, if you're heading to vegas soon feel free to contact me if you'd like to know more!

Best dinner: sHe (Aria), was a last minute decision since we were wiped out and didn't feel like cabbing it to the other end of the strip for our reservation. The service was impeccable and the prices were comparable to steakhouses in any other city. Ask for the cupcake shot - it was heavenly! Best club: Hakkasan (MGM, we were lucky enough to be on a VIP list and had free entry with no line. Since we got there fairly early (as recommended) we were able to be on the floor once Calvin Harris' hit the stage. Hakkasan is the perfect "vegas club experience" if that's what you're looking for. Even though my friends and I aren't typically into DJ's and house music we had an amazing time! Hotel: We stayed at the Aria in the Sky Suites which were amazing and highly recommended. If I ever go back, I'd love to check out the Wynn for my next stay. Best drink with a view: Hyde. This was another bar that we visited on a whim. You seriously cannot beat the view and the drinks were amazing. Apparently it's Brody Jenner's go-to spot while he's in town - sadly we did not run into him haha.

Have you ever been to Vegas? What are your favorite stops?