kentucky derby: infield essentials

Happy Derby week! The fun has just began here in Louisville and we'll be celebrating non-stop until Sunday. Although it's the first time that I'm experiencing Derby as a Louisville local, the Kentucky Derby is not a new celebration for me. I've been to the Derby three out of the four times in the past four years and I can now call myself an "infield expert. I've experienced every kind of weather imaginable from scorching 90 degree heat to 50 degrees accompanied by a wonderful monsoon. As fate would have it, the one yearย that I will not be celebrating from the infield we will have perfect mid-70s weather. Although forecasts mayย change, my infield essentials stay relatively the same.

ky derby infield essentialstank // sunscreen // koozie // sandals phone case // headband // shorts

I cannot stress enough that the infield is a completely different experience than what you typically think of when you hear about the Kentucky Derby. Think a wild-tailgate party mixed with a SEC Football game and Nascar race crowd. A word to the wise, leave your Lilly dress at home.

Since this race is turning about to be perfect weather I suggest shorts and a comfortable tank for Saturday and possibly a light rain jacket for the morning. Yes, I know it's not going to rain but trust me, you will be spilled on and mud will be flying. As far as shoes goes, keep them comfortable as you will be walking a ton. Sunscreen, a fun headband, a preppy koozie, and a battery backup case for your phone are my rain or shine essentials.

If you are heading to the infield this year have fun and enjoy the amazing weather!