monthly motivations: may

monthly motivations mayIt's time for another round of goals for the month! I cannot believe how fast April came and went and life isn't slowing down anytime soon! This month, my goals are a bit all over the place but are related to how busy my life has been lately.

Do: Remove my makeup EVERY night before I go to sleep. As a beauty blogger I'm embarrassed to admit that this is definitely not my strong suite, especially lately. My weekend have been jam packed with traveling and fun events and my head seems to hit the pillow (hard) before I can even think about washing my face. I currently use, the say yes to blueberries towelettes. If anyone has any routine or product suggestions to get you in the habit please share!

Read: I can't help it....I love a good mystery. Defending Jacobย has been on my to-read shelf for sometime now and I finally picked it up. It's been pretty good so far and I honestly have no idea how it's going to end!

Live: This quote not only applies to my work life but personal life as well. As I've becomeย older, I find myself picking and choosing who and what I do in my free time much more carefully. At the end of the day,ย life is so much more meaningful and enjoyable if you genuinely like what you are doing! Whether that is staying in and not feeling guilty about a Netflix marathon or splurging on a vacation with your best friends.

Do you have any goals for the month?

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