crave or save: spring handbags

crave or save spring handbags

bucket bag crave // bucket bag save straw tote crave // straw tote save  pastel crossbody crave // pastel crossbody save  basket weave foldover clutch crave // basket weave foldover clutch save 

I could not be more excited about the weather lately! Spring is finally here! It actually feels more like summer around here which means its time to store away those winter clothes and accessories. Although I tend to cary the same staple purses with me, no matter the season, this sudden surge of warm weather has me admiring spring and summer handbags more and more.

In case you haven't heard my rules for crave vs.'s my rationale: If I'm going to be wearing an item for more than one season, and it's a classic piece,  I'm more likely to splurge on an item. If it's a trendy piece or I only picture myself wearing something during a certain time of year, I do my best to save.

Any of the options above are perfect for spring and summer weather. I'm personally loving the J.Crew market tote and the Old Navy bucket bag for save options. As for crave...that Rebecca Minkoff bag has been calling my name for some time now but the pink color may fall in the trendy option and therefore not as justifiable as a neutral option.

I'd love to hear how you decide what to save versus splurge on

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