road trip must-haves

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Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner. Steve and I made a last minute decision to take a road trip to Savannah, GA and Nashville, TN. Although I am super excited to see both of these cities for the first's been a few years since I've traveled this far in a car (10 hours). You better believe I'll have the car packed with essentials to not only keep me entertained, but comfortable as well.

road trip essentials jacket // headband // fuzzy socks throw // kind bars // ipad case water bottle // roller ball // chap stick (new favorite!)

One of the most important things to consider when driving for this long is making sure that you don't reek serious havoc on your skin (greasy snacks + long car wide = huge pores and unwanted oil). In order to combat this issue I try to pack healthy snacks and a big water bottle, making that gas station Reese's bar and Cherry Coke seem less appealing. As for your face, keep your hair out of the way with a cute headband and keep the makeup minimal.

The next most important thing is obviously comfort. Layers, a throw and fuzzy socks are my go-to road trip comfort accessories. Yes, I said fuzzy socks. You might think I'm crazy...but pack those stocking stuffers on your next long car ride and you won't think twice next time.

Last but not least, I like to pack a rollerball in my purse. The car can take on some interesting stenches after 10 hours, especially if you haven't stopped to throw away food wrappers. Dabbing my wrists with a refreshing scent is a small luxury that I swear by on the road. Keep it light...your road trip companions will thank you for the subtle scent but will not be very happy if it's over the top.

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