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I'm a beach girl. I've often thought about dropping everything and driving to the nearest beach many times in my life, which is what makes this weekend so exciting. As we get older, our responsibilities will only become harder to escape so while we can...the boy and I have decided to put work on hold and head to the beach. We'll be touring two cities in the south that we've always wanted to visit. Check back on Tuesday for a weekend roundup! You can also follow along on twitter & instagram!

In the meantime...although this week was a bit chaotic, we decided to go on this trip on Monday, I still found some time to browse my favorite sites and am loving these links of the week.

If you're looking for engagement picture inspiration, look no further. I love how classy yet fun Ashely's engagement pictures turned out. I feel like engagement pictures can either look super serious (awkward) or too goofy (again awkward) but hers are adorable! And, that dress! Perfection. I'm a huge brand identity nerd (it's my day job) so I loved hearing the process behind Jessica's new site and logo. It's a great post for anyone who's looking to redo their site or identity. A percentage of my paycheck should just go straight to Nordstrom. Their half-yearly sale does not disappoint. Loving these zella leggings.  I recent discovered a local blog that I love! Her post on TRX workouts was awesome, I honestly didn't know that you could use the TRX ropes for your lower body. Warning, if you try these at the gym its much harder than it looks!