wedding gift for your bff

wedding gift for best friend monogramed clutch // initial necklace (recommend his & her's initial)monogramed phone case // silk scarf (cuter than it looks) wifey tee // mrs. bracelet 


Let me begin this post by saying, I am knowingly recommending something that goes against wedding gift etiquette. Nine times out of ten you can quote me saying, for the love of all things holy stick to the registry when it come to buying gifts for a wedding or shower.

However, this gift guide is for when you've already been to a shower (or two) and the registry is down to a brownie pan and a dish towel. Yes, you could write them a check but, your best friend is getting HITCHED so they deserve a little something special as they enter into married life.

As you can see, I've recommended a couple of monogramed items. I typically stay away from all things monogramed, however when done in a very minimal way they can be beautiful. The Gigi NY clutch is a perfect example of this, let your bff show off her new initials in a subtle and classy way.

Lastly, don't forget the groom! He's marrying your bestie and undoubtedly makes her very happy. He deserves something special too!