year in books - part 2

My New Years resolution to read at least one book per month is still going strong! As a way to document my "year in books" and to keep myself accountable, I will be sharing the books that I've read each quarter and what I thought about them. I've listed my brief thoughts about the books that I read during the past three months, without giving away any spoilers, in hopes that you may find a book that you'd like to read. I love sharing my thoughts about books so if you'd like to chat about a certain book or have a recommendation for next quarter please comment or email me! I love hearing from you!


There's nothing quite like a good marriage thriller. Much like the rest of the world, I loved Gone Girl, and I haven't found anything like it since. When I heard about The Silent Wife, I thought it could be similar so I was excited to start reading it. While it was definitely a page turner, and there is no doubt that the woman is psychotic, the characters weren't very likable and it didn't come close to Gone Girl in my book. That being said, if you're looking for a good relationship drama it's worth checking out. Genre: Relationship Drama  Audience: young adult and up Perfect for: A rainy day Rating: 3/5 stars


I couldn't get enough of mysteries this spring! Defending Jacob popped up on my recommended reading list via good reads and I was immediately intrigued. When I saw that it was under $2, this book soared to the top of my "to-read" list. Defending Jacob is a "legal thriller" and is told from the point of view of a district attorney who's son is accused of murdering a classmate. Surprisingly, the plot kept me on my toes with many surprises. If you're a "law and order" freak like me, you'll love this book. Genre: Mystery/ Whodunit Audience: anyone 18 and up Perfect for: when you're tired of watching Law and Order re-runs Rating: 4/5 stars


I cannot tell you how much it saddens me to write this review. I absolutely love Emily Giffin, so much so that I generally buy her books in hardcover the day they come out. Thank goodness I went with the e-book this time. The One and Only was a quick read, but for all the wrong reasons. I kept turning the pages hoping and praying that it would get better or that there was a deeper meaning or lesson to be learned than what was unfolding. Without giving too much away...let's just say that I found the relationship disturbing. Genre: Women's Lit (Chick Lit) Audience: Women 18 and up Perfect for: can't honestly recommend it Rating: 1/5 stars

The second book that I read during June was, What Alice Forgot. I received the recommendation from Jackie, and I was not disappointed! I liked Liane Moriatry's the Husband's secret but I loved "What Alice Forgot". Sure it's "chick lit" but it also made you reflect about the silly things we get caught up in and forget the things that matter most. P.S. don't forget to read the epilogue at the end of the book ;). Genre: Women's Lit / Romance Audience: Women mid-twenties and up Perfect for: anytime Rating: 4.5/5