brand crush: tarte cosmetics

brand crush - tarte cosmeticsimage cred "I covet thee" 

I admit, I’m late to the Tarte party. While I heard about the brand’s infamous check stains years ago from Emily, I never got around to trying one. I blame this on my hesitancy to stray from my go-to NARS blush. But, I was overjoyed when I saw Sephora was offering a mini Tarte cheek stain for only 100 beauty reward points. As you may know, this product has formed somewhat of a cult following.

After using it for about three weeks I must say...I’m obsessed. I dab the cheek tint to the apples of my cheek and blend with my fingers. The sheer berry tint is beautiful, natural looking and stays on all day. Plus, could their packaging be any cuter?  If you need any more convincing, Olivia Pope’s makeup team uses the “flush” stain to give her that dewy glow.

tarte productsWhen a foundation of mine caused me to break out, I decided that I needed a foundation with more natural ingredients but was still high quality. I immediately thought of Tarte's Amazon Clay foundation.  First impressions? It's amazing. The foundation has serious lasting power without leaving remnants of it on your sweatshirt (my biggest foundation pet peeve). The best part? It feels like you're not wearing anything while still giving you full coverage.

Have you tried any of Tarte's beauty products? I'd love to hear what you think!  


*This is not a sponsored post, I genuinely love this brand and all opinions are my own.