wear to work: summer professional

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Working gals, is it just me or is dressing for work in the summer far more complicated than other any other season?

As a quick reminder, I work for a ad agency so my daily dress is more casual than a "corporate" job. Although when I visit a client, who is typically in the corporate world, I like to dress a little bit nicer than my typical 9-5 wear. This task is a breeze (no pun in tended) in the fall and winter months, but provides a unique set of challenges in 90 degree heat.

I'm loving this outfit for a number of reasons. This shirt dress is nice enough for a client meeting but is also lightweight and can be easily dressed down or up depending on the accessories. In my industry, accessories are a great way to show your personality. These fun sunglasses and cute bracelet have "trendy and creative" written all over them. Pair these pieces with a classic pump and bag and you are striking the perfect balance between professional and not taking yourself too seriously.

Do you have any tips for dressing for work in the summer? I'd love to hear them!