summer drug store favorites

Much like fashion, it's great to mix both high and low end products into your beauty routine. It's no secret that being a beauty product fanatic can get expensive...FAST.So, I like to mix things up and try out products from Target and Walgreens from time to time.

Lately, I've discovered some really great products while browsing the beauty aisles. Honestly they seem to work just as well, or better, than their high priced counterparts.

My summer favorites include.. The best smelling body wash perfect for after a day at the pool. Moisturizing lip balm in a number of cute shades. Exfoliating wipes, easy to grab and go for long-weekend trips. The perfect shaving cream, use it wet or dry, perfect for quick touch ups. The perfect high-pigmented lip-balm at a great price.

What are your favorite drug store products for summer?