new & noteworthy: my burberry fragrance

If you've been searching for the perfect fall and winter scent, you search may be over. Burberry recently released a new perfume called, My Burberry and it's has everything you could want in a fall scent.

The fragrance is modeled after Burberry's classic trench, a permanent wish list item of mine, and hopes to capture the scent of a London garden after the rain. I've never been to London, so unfortunately I cannot attest to the smell of a London garden. But, to me it has the perfect amount of floral and spice. The scent has serious staying power without being overwhelming, which I love. 

To top it all of, British fashion gods Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne star in My Burberry's wildly fresh campaign. How amazing is this shoot?! 

Have you tried the new My Burberry scent? Do you have a go-to fall or winter scent? 

images via 1 // 2 // 3 (@Copyright Burberry/Testino)