Look For Less: OP Burberry Poncho

Olivia Palermo is my all-time favorite fashion icon. She pairs pieces that you never thought would go together and walks out of the house looking fabulous day after day. This little ensemble is no exception. Thigh high boots, shorts, a plaid top and my favorite...a striped poncho, is something that most people would never dream of wearing together, and yet it looks amazing. 

Ever since I saw this poncho I've been dreaming about it. I'm not hugely into monograms, but if you're going to monogram anything - this Burberry poncho deserves your initials stamped on it.

Luckily, I've found a couple alternatives to this pricey poncho. This Topshop version is a fraction of the price and nails the color palette. If you're hesitant on committing to the cape trent, I personally love this Zara scarf. If budget isn't an issue, #treatyoself. 

I can't say I'll be pairing my poncho with shorts anytime soon...but the thigh high boots will make an appearance. Which striped poncho is your favorite? 

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