winter skin savers

There is nothing quite like Lake Michigan's gusty wind hitting your face every morning on the walk to work. While I can't complain about my walk to work view. The winter air can do a number on your skin if you're not prepared. Thankfully I learned a lesson or two from last year's polar vortex and am ready to fight this year. Bring it on cold. (Just kidding, Mother Nature you really don't have to). 

After a scary skin consultation at Ulta, more on that later, I've added a number of products to my beauty regimen. Anti-aging and hydration are my top two priorities. Now..onto the products. 

Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Toner - This toner balances out your skin, adds radiance, provides serious moisture - without feeling greasy, and smells amazing. What else would you want?

I'm new to Serums, but am loving this Origins anti-aging serum. While I don't have any "fine lines" yet, which is what it protects against, this serum feels amazing on your skin also adds hydration. 

I recently changed up my moisturizer and have fallen in love with Origins' High Potency Night-A-Mins moisturizer. Their holiday set is seriously the best set I've ever seen - which is why it's sold out already :(. The moisturizer is heavy without feeling greasy and has a very relaxing scent, perfect for pre-bed routine. 

Finally...if all else fails and I'm still feeling dry I put on this Aveda Intensive Hydrating mask for 10 minutes. It's like giving your face an IV of fluids. The dehydration is gone almost immediately. 

Do you swear by any products for dry skin?