look for less - emma stone jumpsuit


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Ok, my girl crush on Emma Stone hit an all-time high this week. She's always someone I'm excited to see on the red carpet because I'm never quite sure what shade her hair is going to be and her makeup is always flawless. Sunday's Golden Globe appearance was no exception. Except this time, not only was her hair and makeup amazing, but she also gained a best dressed nominee in my opinion. 

I've been eyeing jumpsuits for a solid year now...and have yet to take the plunge. After Sunday, I am adding purchasing, and wearing, a jumpsuit to my New Years Resolutions. Who says resolutions all have to be about health and wellness?? 

So, I've rounded up a few of my favorites from Shopbop. They are all so different, but would each make an amazing addition to my closet. 

Have you tried the jumpsuit trend?

image cred: Vogue