the best workout motivation


Is new clothes... 

Call me crazy, but nothing makes me more motivated than a new workout top or leggings that I can't wait to try out. Ok, maybe a new top is second to this wedding of mine, which is a short nine months away. But before I had a monumental event to bust my butt for, new workout clothes served as inspiration to get off of the couch and off to the gym. 

I discovered Zella a few months ago and they have quickly become one of my favorite active apparel brands. The "active" part can be left to your imagination, as I consider running errands a very active activity and thus live in these leggings on the weekend. There is a reason behind the "live in" leggings and I cannot imagine my life before these. If you buy one workout, or weekend wear, item this month it should be these leggings. 

Don't be afraid to share what keeps you motivated to hit the gym. I could use all the help I can get during these next nine months!

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