recent beauty discoveries


Kiehls Multi-Corrective Cream: I've yet to find the perfect eye cream. But, this Kiehls cream was gifted to me in a set with my Clarisonic for Christmas. I just ran out of my Origins eye-cream so I haven't' use this a lot yet, but after a few weeks of using I'm intrigued and hope to see results soon. Anyone with eye cream recommendations please send them my way! 

Tarte Amazon Clay Blush: I received an amazing Tart sample set for Christmas and this full-size version of the coveted Amazon Clay blush was included. Know I know what everyone is raving about! I have the "trilled" color, which looks very similar to the pink berry shade. This blush lasts much longer than my other blushes and the formula is amazing. It has skin benefits too, the formula balances the oil in your skin and minimizes pores. It's holy grail worthy in my opinion. 

Tart Eyelash Primer:  Another favorite from the Tarte sample set was the eyelash primer. I haven't used many primers but after just one use I had people asking me if I had fake eyelashes on. I will definitely be pre-purchasing this! 

Peter Thomas Roth Cleansing Gel: The onset of the Chicago winter was ROUGH for my skin. Pun intended. After scouring Sephora shelves, I decided to give this cleanser a try. My skin is finally back to normal and I give a lot of the credit to this cleanser. I use a gentle cleanser every-day but decided to add this into my weekly routine. I use it about 3 times a week for deep cleans as it removes the dead skin cells and is particularly good at stopping breakouts. The peach scent isn't bad either! 

Have you discovered anything worth sharing lately?