best leggings at every price point


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Black leggings are an essential part of my wardrobe. I am strongly against the "leggings are not pants" argument. Whoever started the argument, or supports it, clearly has not found the right pair of leggings. If your a member of that squad, I'm here to convert you. After many trials, and a few embarrassing situations, I am here to share the best leggings at various price points. 

Now, what qualifies an amazing out-of-the-house wearable legging? A few things...

  • Opacity. In layman's terms...your undergarments are not visible 
  • Compression. Everyone wants tighter thighs. 
  • Longevity. Keeping shape and color wash after wash. 

And the winners are....

Under $25.00 - Lou & Grey Essential Leggings
These are your most standard pair of leggings. They are soft, stretchy, yet keep their shape (and yours) throughout the day. One might second guess themselves when wearing them as pants given how light the material feels, but trust me it has passed the test. While the price point is incredibly reasonable, I did wear mine to the ground last season and had to order another pair this year. 

Under $100.00 - JCrew Pixie Pant
The pixie pant has been a staple in my wardrobe for a number of years. These "leggings" provide amazing compression and will hold up for a few years before you need to trade them in. While these pants do not have pockets, they feel very strong and structured which makes this pair the most "pant" like. My only caution is to make sure the zipper and clasp, in the back of the pant, is secure before you leave the house. Cue embarrassing moment here.

Splurge - Rag & Bone Plush Twill Leggings
If you are committed to rocking black leggings over and over again, I suggest that you invest in the Rag & Bone plush twill leggings. You'd be hard pressed to find a higher-rated product in-market that is as comfortable and flattering as this pair of jeggings. (Jeggings = leggings with back pockets)  I personally love this pair during the winter months, as the plush aspect gives this pair an extra sense of warmth that you don't find in typical leggings. 

Where do you fall on the leggings are not pants debate? Have I converted you to the dark side yet?