latest obsession: classpass

I have a new obsession, it's called class pass. If you haven't heard of it, class pass members get unlimited classes to use at workout studios around the city. While you can only visit the same studio three times in one month, there are enough studios here in Chicago to keep me busy. The best part? It's is only $99/month! It may seem like a lot, but these studios generally charge $20-$30 for one class and let's not even talk about the cost of monthly unlimited pricing.

Interested in joining class pass? Find out more here. 

I'll be sharing my thoughts on the classes that I take weekly as a way to document my favorites and of course to keep myself motivated. 


The Barre Code - Burn

I took "Burn" at the Michigan Ave on Thursday with Whitney. While the heated concept was new to me. I'm a huge barre advocate truly believe in the workout. This class would be great for someone who is interested in trying barre but is looking to ease into things. But, don't let the lack of intensity fool you. This is not a class to go during your lunch break, you will sweat! While I wouldn't recommend this workout if your looking to get your butt kicked, this would be a great Sunday night detox class to add to your routine. 

FlyBarre - Fly 60

My second class this week was "Fly 60" at the Old Town FlyBarre studio with April. This was my first time at FlyBarre, but the class was much closer to what I was used to. The seat work was intense, the energy was high and the playlist was amazing. The one difference that I noticed between FlyBarre and Pure Barre was the ab work. Their were only two thigh exercises, versus the three in pure barre, but there were a few ab routines sprinkled in between the thigh, seat and arm workouts. It's safe to say that I will definitely be back! 

Have you taken any Barre Code of FlyBarre classes? I'd love to know your thoughts on these studios and your favorite workouts.