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Happy Monday! This past week was an interesting one, workout wise. I had to cancel one of my classes mid-week because of work and let's just say I was playing cardio catchup the rest of the week, and not entirely on purpose. 

Sunday: After taking my first Flywheel class last week, I immediately signed up for another class. This time, I took Fly 45 at the Gold Coast studio with Dani. The gold coast studio is much smaller than the Old Town studio, but I loved how friendly and accommodating the staff was. After knowing what to expect this time around, I shattered my stats from my first class which felt amazing.  

Wednesday: After missing my class on Tuesday, I signed up for a morning class at The Barre Code for Wednesday morning. I must have been so mad about missing my Tuesday class that I didn't exactly read the details for my Wednesday AM class. Right as I was about to go into the studio I read the chalkboard and suddenly realized that this was not going to be the nice barre workout that I anticipated...instead I had signed up for Interval. Not only was it day light savings time and I was up at an ungodly hour, I was doing burpees. All and all, Interval was a great class that I will try again...but never again at 6:00AM.

Thursday: I took my first Corepower Yoga class on Thursday night at the Streeterville location. I tried Hot Power Fusion as my first class since I've taken a lot of hot yoga classes before. Although, Corepower Yoga is definitely not your typical yoga studio. Even as you step into the lobby you sense that the studio is much more modern/upbeat than the typical yoga studio. The class was a merge between hot yoga and power vinyasa, it was definitely a good workout but wasn't too difficult for someone with moderate yoga experience. The one aspect that took some getting used to, however, was the heat. Be prepared to be drenched after class. I'm trying their Core Power Yoga C2 class this week which is their most talked about class. I'm excited and terrified at the same time. 

Friday: I took my second Flywheel class of the week on Friday night after work. See, I told you I was addicted. I took the Fly 45 class with Dani at the Gold Coast studio again, and once again surpassed my personal record. Woot woot! Although I was exhausted from the long week, I felt completely rejuvenated afterwards and it was the perfect way to start my weekend. The beautiful weather didn't hurt either. :)

If anyone has taken Corepower yoga before, I'd love to hear your thoughts on their C2 and other classes!

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