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I would be lying if I said that last week was an easy week, fitness wise. As I mentioned last Monday, I hit the point where I was constantly sore and even though there were days that I didn't feel like going to class, I dragged my butt there anyways. Although, I did cancel one 6AM class this week in favor of sleeping in and giving my body a rest. 

Sunday: After such a great experience at my first Corepower Yoga cp2 class, I decided to try another class, but this time at the Streeterville location. Now, the majority of yoga classes that I've taken in the past have been hot yoga classes; meaning, the poses and flow are relatively the same in every class. However, this is not the case for power yoga. So, while I felt that my first cp2 class was on par with my level this class was more advanced and I did a lot of watching. Even though it wasn't the best workout for me, given that I was in over my head, I'm glad that I experienced another class, but will be going down to cp1 before heading into another cp2 for a few weeks. 

Tuesday: On Tuesday, I took my first Bar Method class at the Loop studio at 7AM. The Bar Method has different levels of classes, so I opted for the "mixed" level since I am not a newbie to barre, but new to Bar Method. In my opinion, the biggest difference between Bar Method and the other studios around town is the level of personal interaction with the instructor. The instructor made sure that she knew everyone's names, especially those relatively new to Bar Method, and gave us a lot of attention during class. This could make some people never sense she did call our names out quite a bit, but I appreciated the form corrections. As far as the class goes, there were the standard thigh and seat exercises with added pushup sections in between each set. 

Wednesday: After work on Wednesday, I rushed to Flywheel for another class with Everett. Everett is a great instructor and he had an amazing playlist, but for some reason I was totally out of it. I'm thinking more and more that Flywheel after work is not the best option for me, and I need to start scheduling 6AMs if I'm planning on flying during the week. Does anyone else struggle with energy after work? Share your secrets with me! 

Saturday: We headed out of town on Thursday night for the weekend so I decided to schedule a Pure Barre class at my all time favorite studio - the Cincinnati studio. I have so many memories from that studio and it was great to be back, even for just one class. Of course, the class was amazing as always. 

How was your week? Are there any classes that you think I should try next?

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